Great product. Does exactly what it says. Makes an awesome gift! Wish it would have came in a box along with the nice microfiber bag. Finding a box that fits can be difficult if you're wanting to gift it. The metal that holds the elastic band is easily scratched and damaged. Regardless, I get a ton of compliments on it.

- Amazon Customer 

 I love this wallet. I just received it and it fit all 6 cards in the perfect and looks great.

-Erik A.

I have just received my Tribe Texalium Slim Wallet and it is amazing! I couldn't ask for a better wallet to have!

- Amazon Customer 

Excellent fit and finish is top notch! I'm using this to hold about 12 cards! From credit cards to Id's! Fits comfortably in my pocket and easy to access cards! Would highly recommend to others!

- Kimberley H. 

I really love the look of this wallet. I loved the gold and carbon fiber look.

- Danny 

Awesome wallet...materials are all incredibly durable and I love the minimalist look

- Amazon Customer 

Extremely happy with my purchase. Getting used to using this didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would. Accessing cards and cash is really quick and easy once you spend a couple days with it and get to know its ins and outs. The elastic is strong which is a plus in my opinion, I wont be worrying about anything falling out accidentally. Really small and comfortable in my front pocket, I forget its even there. Even cash is held nicely on the outside, either folded once in half or twice to keep with the small size.

- Amazon Customer 

My husband loved this wallet! I got it for him as a birthday present and I couldn't be more satisfied.


Best wallet money can buy

Absolutely love this wallet. It definitely is RFID blocking because my car is push to start, and I happened to place the wallet in my pocket over my key and the car wouldn't unlock lol. Thought I left my keys. Anyways, I constantly get compliments on the look. One drawback is that it definitely wears out the numbers on cards and whatnot.

- Amazon Customer 

Get it for my husband's birthday. He really likes it and keeps showing off. Good for people don't want a big wallet. It's light and convenient.

- Amazon Customer 

This minimalist wallet is absolutely FANTASTIC! I've owned it for a few months now and its held up beautifully. The materials are strong and durable whilst still light and aesthetically pleasing. This is definitely worth every penny! I tried a few cheap alternatives before landing on this one and there is no comparison. Just buy it, you'll thank me later.

- Josh S.

Geat all around wallet. looks good. going to most likey buy another one the black and gold. feels nice and fits many cards and bills. They did a fantastic job designing this wallet.

- Amazon Customer 

I've tried several minimalist wallets with a range of options including cash strap and money clip. This wallet is by far my favorite. It's comfortable and slim in the pocket, holds everything very securely and has a premium quality feel and look. Excellent product!

- Justin L. 

This wallet is totally different from any that I had ever used. I love the concept that is beautifully captured in the Tribe wallet. It is very well made from materials that will last a long time. The RFID blocking is one of the main reasons that I chose this product. I have heard enough war stories to be concerned. Glad I finally did something about it.

-Joe A. 

The best wallet I have ever had

- Amazon Customer 

When I travel, I normally use a money clip, but the problem is that you have to take everything out of it to find the card or cash you are needing. This handy "wallet" takes care of that problem as well as shielding your cards from people who are less than honest.

-Michael G. 

The wallet quality is very nice. Very light weight, and i believe it's genuine carbon fiber. The clasping mechanism works pretty well. And it can comfortably hold all 6 of my cards + some cash. Only con tho is the corner is a little sharp to the touch. but no biggie, as im sure it will get rounded after a few weeks of use.



-The Enlightened one

This is a great minimalist wallet! The wallet is safe and secure, and looks very cool and professional. The cards and cash are not flimsy inside, and the cards are very easy to access. It is a very good size, and will most likely be the last wallet I ever have to purchase. Tribe is a great company that produces high quality products.

- Amazon Customer 

I just got mine in the mail today and it looks very sturdy and stylish, I can tell that this wallet is going to last me a while not like my old leather wallets that wear and tear. All my cards fit right in and the product is still very thin. I looked around at a lot of similar wallets and this was the best for the price that seemed like it would last a very long time.


Finally someone combined function and form into a versatile, minimalist "wallet". Access and viewing the 7 cards stored are smooth/effortless and it easily allows for multiple bills (10+) to be stashed under the outside band (with an "emergency" bill tucked nearly between the cards for safe keeping. Perfectly balanced, it stands on any edge, even with bills stored. I've been using it for two weeks, love it so much I just ordered another one as a gift for my son.

- Amazon Customer 

Super sleek and so easy to get used to! Had a similar style but the band was all rubber and very difficult to use. This model is a very appealing color and definitely worth the money! Huge fan!

- Amazon Customer 

My new favorite wallet. Sleek and sophisticated

- Amazon Customer 

Love this wallet. Product arrived as described & on time. Holds all my 8 cards with no issues at all & very easy to use, less the bulk pf a wallet.
Excellent item, highly recommend it.

- Amazon Customer